Digital Marketing Tool

Digital Marketing is still a new concept in Vietnam, when introduced into Vietnam, some forms of Digital Marketing have not been widely applied. The article focuses only on the most common forms. Tools are divided into three groups according to the target:

    • Group to increase brand awareness
      • Display ads
      • Online PR
      • Blog & Forum
    • Group increases conviction for products and brands
      • Web-based marketing
      • Social Media marketing
      • Online PR
      • Blog & Forum
      • SEO
    • Group increase sales and customer care
      • PPC: Google Adwords, Facebooks Ads
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Mobile Marketing: Message (SMS & MMS)
      • SEO

Digital marketing tools are still growing and expanding. Every Digital Marketing tool has its own advantages, but businesses need to take advantage of the right people, because if they do not, the effect will not be what they want. No one tool is more effective than the other tools, a media plan that integrates many tools, even tools other than Digital Marketing, will deliver the best results.

Advantages of Digital Marketing
  • High Interaction: Create a two-way reaction between marketers and users, helping marketers understand and respond quickly to customer behavior and reactions.
  • High efficiency because of rapid spread, cost savings, business products and services can be marketed 24/24 during the day.
  • Customer segmentation: Each tool will apply to a different customer segment, tailored to the characteristics of each customer.
  • The integration of digital convergence technology helps us to have more choices as at the same time can affect the customer by Email Marketing, Website, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Social Media Marketing,…
To do Digital Marketing, the business must meet the following conditions:
  • The team of the business must be strong, have knowledgeable staff about marketing and technology.
  • Infrastructure of good technology.
  • Refer to the list of potential partners.
  • Research the list of customers, find out what customers use products and services to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

(If the business is not capable, you can ask the support of the company providing Digital Marketing services based on the factors mentioned above).

Want Digital Marketing to succeed, need 4 elements:
  1. Get customer database
  2. Create interaction
  3. Integrated digital tools and drum drive
  4. The program must measure performance.