E-commerce Web Projects

Generate Traffic, Convert Visitors to Sales

Custom e-commerce sites generate traffic and convert visitors to sales. Clients tend to choose for custom e-commerce websites to address specific business goals such as:

  • Optimizing mobile sales through responsive web design for mobile
  • Building B2B custom solutions for usability, as well as business rules benefiting both B2C and B2B customers
  • Integrating with internal systems to import product catalogs, customer accounts, and automate order fulfillment processing

E-commerce Responsive Web Design for Mobile

  • Compelling and organized product catalog navigation
  • Simplified shopping cart and checkout


Then we brand the web design to showcase your business to your customers as uniquely as possible based on the design assets and brand style guide.

Custom Requirements

Meanwhile, we gather specific business rules and functional requirements, including:

  • B2B ecommerce features like pricing, payment options, and customer accounts
  • Custom information and data to display on product detail pages
  • Integration and automation for operational efficiency

Custom Features

Flexibility to add custom requirements to fit your business customers
We have extensive experience managing the requirements and implementing custom features for both B2B and B2C e-commerce. For example:

  • Business customer rewards through pricing discounts
  • Custom payment options like purchase order checkout transactions
  • Streamlined product catalog with express searching and ordering
  • Tiered pricing with special pricing based on client type, location, and quantities
  • Complex shipping calculations for special shipping requirements

Custom Integration

Connect and automate
Some requirements are so complex that the only way to achieve the business goals are to connect with an existing system and automate a process.

  • Manage customer data securely using Authorizenet Customer Information Module
  • Integrate to and from the website for many purposes with varied data – order data, inventory, customer account information, shipping data, and tax tables in CRM, POS, ERP systems, financial software, shipping, and fulfillment centers.

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